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Hong Kong reports first coronavirus death as mainland China cases cross 20,000



All schedules below are scheduled in Beijing.

20:05: Chinese aviation officials urge airlines to continue flights to unrestricted countries
The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has told national airlines that when they cancel part of their flights due to market demand, they should ensure that they continue to operate in the countries where flights are allowed (except when the other country has imposed restrictions). This is according to an online publication of the administration’s official news service on Tuesday at noon.

19:20: the mortality rate “should gradually decrease” – Chinese health officials
“I am sure it will not be long before the effects [of our efforts] are evident and Wuhan’s mortality rate should gradually decrease,” said Jiao Yahui, deputy director of medical and hospital administration. National Health Commission said Tuesday in a daily Mandarin press conference, according to a CNBC translation.

Jiao noted that 74% of coronavirus deaths, or 313, are in Wuhan city, where there is a 4.9% death rate. This is mainly due to the lack of hospital beds in the early days of the spread of the virus, he said. At the time, he said there were only three designated hospitals with 110 beds for critically ill patients.

As a result, the other critically ill patients have been missing in more than 20 medical institutions, Jiao said. Now, he said, the city has brought more professional healthcare management nationwide and is seeking to improve the rotation of medical personnel to avoid fatigue.

The NHC also revealed on Tuesday that among those who died of the virus, men represent two thirds and women one third. Over 80% of deaths are over 60 years old, while over 75% have had at least one underlying disease. The mortality rate in China outside Hubei province is 0.16%.

6:40 pm: Macau closes casinos for two weeks
The semi-autonomous Chinese territory of Macau, the largest gaming center in the world, has asked all casino operators to suspend operations for two weeks in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

6:20 pm: Singapore confirms six more coronavirus cases, including the first local transmission
The Singapore Ministry of Health has confirmed six other coronavirus cases, including four unprecedented Singapore citizens of recent travel to China.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) said in an information session that there is still no evidence of a widespread broadcast in Singapore, according to Reuters, but now there have been 24 confirmed cases.

5:50 pm: Cathay Pacific reduces global capacity by 30% due to the outbreak
Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific plans to reduce 30% of its global capacity, including 90% to mainland China, due to the sharp drop in demand caused by the virus outbreak.

In a statement on Tuesday, the airline announced that it had seen a “significant drop in market demand” for flights.

“These reductions are temporary at the moment and are driven by commercial and operational realities at the moment, as well as short-term demand projections,” said Cathay Pacific in the announcement, adding that her current financial position is “still solid.” .

5:30 pm: Hubei Province investigates three local Red Cross leaders
The Hubei Province Disciplinary Inspection Commission said Tuesday on its website that it had removed party member Zhang Qin from the position of full-time vice president of the provincial Red Cross, according to a CNBC translation of the Chinese text.

The online statement also states that Chen Bo, a local member of the Red Cross Party, and Gao Qin, vice president and secretary of the local Red Cross party, have received less warnings and penalties.

The Red Cross did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC. The charity has been heavily criticized in China for reports of misuse of donations.

5:15 pm: Thailand confirms six new cases, including four Thai citizens
The Thai Ministry of Health has confirmed six new coronavirus cases, including four Thai citizens.

Among them was a couple who had visited Japan and two drivers who had picked up Chinese passengers in Thailand, the ministry of health said.

The total number of confirmed cases in Thailand is now 25.

15:41: Hyundai Motor will suspend production lines in South Korea
The automaker said in a statement that it decided to suspend the operation of production assembly lines at all its plants in the country due to disruptions in the supply of parts from China, where many factories are closed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. . Suspensions will begin on February 7, but some production lines are expected to resume on February 11 or 12, according to Reuters, citing a union official.

Hyundai has said that suspension plans will vary by production line and that it is reviewing ways to minimize disruptions to its operations, including finding alternative suppliers in the region.

15:30: Chinese equities closed higher
Chinese equities maintained their partial recovery on Tuesday at the opening and closed the trading day in positive territory, after the massive sale on Monday. The Shanghai compound rose 1.34% to around 2,783.29 while the Shenzhen component gained 3.17% to 10,089.67.

Other major Asia Pacific markets have also increased, while European markets are expected to open more.

14:58: the city of Beijing delays the reopening of the school
In an attempt to control the virus outbreak, the Beijing municipal government said Tuesday in an online statement that, instead of reopening February 17, as expected, the city’s middle and primary schools would delay the start of spring semester. teachers recorded lessons for students to learn online, according to the statement. The announcement also noted that the ministry of education would like to clarify that postponing the opening of schools is an extension of the holidays and that schools should not personally organize new classes or activities of any kind.

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